Tour de Yorkshire

Grand Départ Spectator Guide

A guide to watching Le Tour in the UK

We want you to have the best ever Tour. That’s why we’ve produced this Spectator Guide to give you a guide to the Tour and what to expect, plus some top tips and hints for the day. Have a look at the guidance, make sure you plan your Tour experience, and above all: enjoy Le Tour!

Where to watch  |  How to get there  |  Know your options  |  What to take  |  Learn to speak ‘Tour’ Bringing your campervan?  |   Enjoy the environment  |  King of the Mountains!  |  Community events  |  Park & Cycle Schemes  |  Handy Tips for Stage 3

With over 3million fans expected to line the roads along the three UK Stages, getting to where you want to watch from will take longer, so leave enough time to be there for the whole Tour. To make the most of your experience:

  • Plan to be there early, or even the night before if you’re camping out, to secure the best spot.
  • Fancy some freebies? Don’t miss the build-up to the race with the caravan, 2 and a half hours before, where the weird and wacky vehicles throw out goodies to the crowd.
  • Don’t like waiting around? Go to one of our Grand Départ Spectator Hubs on Stage 1 or Stage 2 or Fan Parks - the perfect place for families and groups to gather, with entertainments, food, drinks and facilities: see both the riders going past AND watch all the action on the Big Screen.
  • Choose your spot wisely and stick with it!

Moving around once the Tour has started will be a definite ‘Non!’ So think about what you REALLY want to see:

  • the start, when the riders set out, cheering them on;
  • the race, when they compete for the best time and the coveted Yellow Jersey;
  • one of the much anticipated climbs;
  • the sprinters going all out for the finish; or
  • the best of all worlds at one of the many Grand Départ Spectator Hubs and Fan Parks.

Whatever you decide, pick now!

If you're not heading to a Grand Départ Spectator Hub or Fan Park you can still follow the action with a pocket radio or smartphone. Or if you fancy getting away from it all, why not head up a mountain, fully prepared, and wait for the greatest show on Earth to come to you.

Part of the appeal of the countryside is you can get away from it all – in the more remote places, you might find that this means you don’t see many people; and there are often places without clear mobile phone signals. If you’re going to one of these places:

  • Take everything you need in terms of food and clothing
  • Let someone else know where you’re going and when you expect to be back

Have a look at our tips for Enjoying the Countryside and how to be the King of the Mountains for guidance and advice.

PDF DownloadDownload our printable spectator guide - Stage 1 & 2 »

PDF DownloadDownload our printable spectator guide - Stage 3 »