Tour de Yorkshire

Race schedule - Stage timings

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The highly anticipated start and finish times for the 2017 Tour de Yorkshire have been revealed.

Millions of spectators are expected to line the route of the three day men's race and one day women's event which run between Friday 28 April and Sunday 30 April, so download the times below and bag your spot early!

Adobe _Photoshop _Elements _JPEG STAGE 1 - Bridlington to Scarborough Timings »


 Adobe _Photoshop _Elements _JPEGSTAGE 2 - Tadcaster to Harrogate - Women's Race Timings »


 Adobe _Photoshop _Elements _JPEGSTAGE 2 - Tadcaster to Harrogate Timings »


 Adobe _Photoshop _Elements _JPEG STAGE 3 - Bradford to Fox Valley, Sheffield Timings »


Note: Timings may be subject to change