Tour de Yorkshire

Tour Makers 2017 - FAQs

Tour de Yorkshire 2017 FAQs


Why do Tour Makers need to be 18 years or over?

Tour makers need to be 18 years or over on the date of the application. This is a requirement of the Public Liability Insurance needed to hold the event.


Will I be a Tour Maker on more than one stage?

If you select that you are happy to work on more than one date, we will allocate you as many stages as you wish.


I was a Tour Maker last year do I still need to attend the training?

Yes, everyone must attend a 2017 training session to qualify as a 2017 tour maker. We have condensed the training to half a day to reflect the number of people that have volunteered on previous years.


How has my location been chosen?

We have located the majority of tour makers at a logical and hopefully convenient place - as close to their home or transport links as possible but also factoring in the days you said you could do, and the three preferred locations you selected. We are unable to accommodate individual requests for location changes however if you are simply not able to be at your allocated race location please let us know at


What will my role be?

The majority of tour makers will perform a spectator engagement role. We will also be selecting team supervisors and flag and whistle marshals on the training days.





Spectator Engagement

Be the eyes and ears of the event, engaging with spectators along the race route, providing information about the event and helping to keep spectators safe.

In key locations along the route. This may include start and finish towns and those areas that may attract greater crowds.

Flag & Whistle Marshal

Ensure the safety of the riders by physically indicating hazards and fixed obstacles directly to the riders. For this race specific role, you will receive training on the technical aspects of the role.

Various points along the whole of the route.

Team Supervisors

Tour makers will be based together in small groups at key points along the route. Team supervisors are responsible for the group within a specific area, ensuring they are spread evenly across their allocated area and have all the local information they need. 

In key locations along the route. This may include start and finish towns and those areas that may attract greater crowds.


How will roles be allocated?

The majority of tour makers will perform a spectator engagement role. Team supervisors and flag and whistle marshals will be selected based on previous experience specified in the registration survey and also knowledge of the tour maker race location. We are unfortunately UNABLE to respond to individual role requests.

What will be expected of me on the day?

Tour makers are very important to the success of the event. To ensure a great spectator experience we would ask that you agree to the standards below:


  • Be a great ambassador, promoting diversity and inclusion at the event
  • Be friendly and respectful to riders, officials, members of the public and your fellow volunteers
  • Show respect to all individuals and treat everyone equally, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability
  • Be aware of your use of language to ensure that you don’t cause offence
  • Follow the instructions and guidelines given by your supervisor
  • Don’t be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • We ask that tour makers don’t smoke whilst wearing the tour maker uniform
  • Have fun and enjoy the event!


Do I need specific local knowledge?

Local knowledge of the areas around the route would be useful but is not essential. Where possible we will be working with local authorities to ensure that tour makers are provided with additional local information that may be necessary for the day.  For further route information please go to


What is the time commitment on the day?

We will let you know your timings for the day as soon as the route times are announced. Your check-in time could be quite early in the morning, as you will need to be in position well before the race goes by. The majority of shifts will last approximately 3-4 hours long, however in some cases you may be required to undertake a tour maker shift lasting 8 hours.


When and where are the training weekends?

The training will be spread across Yorkshire. Training will take place on the last weekend of March and the first two weekends in April. The locations are Wakefield, Carr Gate, Bridlington and Ripon. Training will take place from approximately 1.00pm-4.30pm. Please do not arrive before 12pm as we will not be able to guarantee access to the venues.


I am disabled, will you make sure my role is suitable?

Yes, absolutely. Let us know your requirements and we’ll ensure the role you are assigned is suitable.


How many spectators are expected?

We saw 2 million people in come out to watch the race in 2016. We hope it will be more this year.


What are the timings for the race?

Keep checking the Tour de Yorkshire website for updated information on race timings.


What are the travel arrangements for Tour Makers?

You will be responsible for getting to your check in location and for your own travel expenses. Please check travel arrangements well in advance, as there may be disruption to public transport services and roads along the route.


Will I be paid?

No, we’re afraid not. You will need to cover all expenses.


Will I get a uniform this year?

Each tour maker will receive a TdY branded hi-vis vest. Further details regarding your full uniform will be revealed at your training day.


I’ve completed the online form but realised I made an error, can I change this?

Yes, we can amend our records. Just let us know by emailing

If you have any further questions then please email Please note this email address is checked regularly however due to the volume of enquiries it may take up to ten days for us to respond to your email. 

PLEASE NOTE: Emailing us is the best way to ensure a response to your query. The tour maker team are not always in the office and without access to the database, we cannot complete requests over the phone. Emailing us ensures we have a log of your requirement to refer to.