2018 Tour de Yorkshire land art competition launched

Land Art Competition Launched

Welcome to Yorkshire is on the lookout for the county’s best creations after launching its annual Tour de Yorkshire land art competition.

Last year’s contest proved another huge success with massive, eye-catching pieces being displayed along the race route.

Businesses, landowners, farmers, schools and community groups are now being encouraged to get creative once again ahead of the fourth edition on 3-6 May.

Whether it’s a church spire draped in a blue jersey, a field displaying a mammoth bicycle, or a market square spelling out a message of support, all works are welcomed and stand a great chance of being beamed to a global audience of millions when the race’s live television helicopters sweep across the county.

Last year a giant piece of art celebrating the 200th birthday of Branwell Brontë - commissioned by Andrew Wood from Fields of Vision with the help of children from Haworth Primary School -  was crowned the winner after an international public vote, and the coveted trophy is now up for grabs once again.

Sir Gary Verity, Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, said: “Stunning land art is now synonymous with the Tour de Yorkshire and it’s one of the many things that makes our race so special.

"In no other event do you see these imaginative creations on such a spectacular scale and people around the world love tuning in to see them.

"Past examples have included everything - human bike wheels, multi-coloured sheep, spotty houses - even a giant flamingo!

These fantastic pieces really bring the race to life and give people the chance to celebrate their communities."

How to enter: 

  1. Send in plans, pictures and designs, and include information about what inspired the piece, how it will be made and where will it be. This will then be shared with TV producers before the race. Submit entries and any questions you may have to Becky Kay at bkay@yorkshire.com
  2. Welcome to Yorkshire will shortlist the 12 best land art pieces over the four days of action.
  3. The shortlisted entries will then be put to a public vote and one lucky winner will receive our coveted land art trophy!

Top tips for creating eye-catching land art are:

  1. Position it as close to the race route as possible.
  2. Make it as large and as striking as possible so the television helicopters can see it.
  3. Land art doesn’t need to be bicycle or tour related, it’s about celebrating communities and getting people talking.
  4. Think about what’s connected to a community – a famous face, an event – what makes it special?
  5. Land art shouldn’t be commercial (a company logo for example) but you may wish to celebrate a specific industry – for example, big pints of beer for breweries? A mouse and cheese for cheesemongers/creameries?
  6. Get permission to work on the land you intend to use. Please check with local landowners and ensure the local community is happy with plans.

For more information competition, click here.

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