The Maserati Tour de Yorkshire Sportive… it’s like Heaven and Hell

We hear from Paul Smith, Commercial Manager, Virgin Trains about his experience of the Maserati Tour de Yorkshire Ride

Riding the Tour de Yorkshire sportive doesn’t half have its highs and its lows… literally! You won’t find many other rides that try to cram in as many of the biggest climbs and stunning descents that Yorkshire has to offer. Last year was my first experience, and one that will last in the memory. Going it solo, the ride began in the outskirts of Sheffield… the weather was much colder than I had anticipated so the choice of bib shorts rather than tights was an amateurish mistake to make from the off. The organisers didn’t pull any punches either, having barely covered ½ a mile, we were thrown into the first climb; Pea Royd Lane… 0.7 miles of uphill with sections reaching gradients of almost 25%. And as my lungs were bursting out of my chest near the crest who was there to greet me? It was none other than an official photographer to capture my grimace. It was utter Hell! 

First hill done and a few miles later, I finally caught my breath… and a glimpse of the stunning views. I feel so blessed to live in Yorkshire. Eventually finding my rhythm, it wasn’t too long before I found a similar paced group. They were all too happy to let me join them and the conversations quickly began to flow. And this is how the sportive works (at least for me anyhow)… spending sections of the sportive with other riders, having a good chat and then moving up (or sometimes back) to another group to do it again. The hills didn’t let up but by this point, you knew what you we’re in for! And the company is a superb help in keeping you motivated to get to the top and keep pushing on. The crowds are great too and none more so than at the end, crossed the same finish line that the pro’s will later that day was just electric. Cycling fans and families out in force and giving you such a buzz, it was pure heaven! Sign me up again!”

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