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TDY Economic Impact Study

The 2019 Tour de Yorkshire and Asda Tour de Yorkshire Women’s Race were viewed across the globe by a record-breaking audience of 28 million. This is an increase of 124 per cent on the fourth edition viewing figures of 12.5 million in 2018.

Both races were televised in their entirety and watched by TV viewers in 190 countries, with more media rights holders (47) and live broadcasters (13) than ever before (source: Nielson Sport 2019). The number of press articles mentioning the race also grew 12.9% year-on-year (source: Kantar).

Independent research released today shows the race boosted the county’s economy by £60 million. 1.96 million spectators lined the routes over the four days of action between 2-5 May and the economic impact study - conducted by independent research company GRASP and compiled by Leeds Beckett University - found the overall income generated was £59,852,029.


The Economic Impact of the 5th edition - Full Report


The Impact of the 5th edition - Breakdown


2019 Infographic



The Economic Impact of the 4th edition - Full Report


The Impact of the 4th edition - Breakdown


2018 Infographic


2017 Infographic


2016 Infographic


2015 Infographic


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